Evaluations, Project Management, Training Programs and More

Swagelok Energy Advisors, Inc., (SEA) is an engineering firm specializing in the evaluation of steam, condensate, and compressed air systems. SEA provides engineering, evaluations, project management, and training programs focused on strengthening in-plant fluid system assessments. Our goal is to deliver proactive solutions that increase the performance of your fluid systems.

Evaluation & Project Management

Our extensive field experience in steam and condensate systems utility plant operations allows us to provide our customers with a thorough and extensive system evaluations.

Training Programs

Swagelok Energy Advisors, Inc. fulfills the need, with our different programs, to have standardized qualifications for personnel who work with industrial systems.

System Engineering

The most important element that SEA provides its clients is its innovative approach to problem solving. No two steam systems are the same and creative solution development is the key differentiating factor in SEA’s steam system engineering work.

Best Practices

Best practices in Steam System accumulated out of our extensive field experience in steam and condensate systems.

Better Manage Your Steam Trap Stations

A steam trap station audit can save you thousands per year. Learn how we can help.

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